The Central Maine Brittany Club Field Trial

A field trial is a competitive event where dogs are given the opportunity to earn points towards a championship title. The CMBC holds licensed AKC field trials for pointing breeds. CMBC Field Trials are open to all pointing breed dogs that are 6 months or older on the first day of the field trial. Visit the AKC for registration requirements and eligible breeds

CMBC members and friends have been working on grounds maintenance and habitat improvement at the Maine Bird Dog Field Grounds in Fryeburg, Maine where the field trials are held. There is lots of space to camp, to tie out dogs and horses and its a fun place to meet other trialers and be social.

This is an AKC walking field trial open to all AKC registered pointing breeds.  Judges may be on horseback for some stakes.  Dogs compete to earn points towards field champion titles.  Additionally, CMBC participates in the “New England Amateur Walking Hunting Dog” program where annually an award is given to the Brittany earning the most points in the Amateur Walking Hunting Dog stake. 

If you are interested in field trialing with your pointing dog but don't know where to begin, we invite you to join us at the field trial to observe, meet our club members and get some tips on how to get started. Field events are a great way for you and your dog to have fun together from puppy to experienced pointing dogs. Junior handlers are welcome - walking the puppy stakes in the gallery can be very inspiring when you see how motivated these dogs are to find birds even at a very young age!


Saturday, Sept 12
Sunday, Sept 13

Field Trial Cancelled
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Field Trial Training Day Handout
Get Gary Anderson's excellent short guide to field trials. A must read for first timers and  a good refresher for us all.