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Acting Birdy (making game) - Demonstrating the presence of game

Alternate Handler - A second person designated on the official entry to handle a dog in a hunting level.

Attacking Dog - A dog willfully attempting to do physical harm to another dog. 

Back Course - That portion of the testing area where birds shall be planted in addition to those required in a birdfield. When no birdfield is used it is within this area that at least 2 birds must be planted for each brace of dogs. 

Backing - See Honoring

Birdfield - The portion of the testing area, no less than five acres in size, in which at least 2 or more birds must be planted for each brace of dogs. 

Birdless - A dog completing its brace without finding game. 

Blank Pistol - Commonly known as "Starter's Pistol" - a pistol that is incapable of discharging live ammunition (the use of blank rounds in pistols that are capable of discharging live ammunition is prohibited.)

Blinking Birds - Scenting but deliberately avoiding game. 

Brace - A pair of dogs (2 dogs). 

Break - Leaving before, or without having scent. 

Break Away - The point at which a course begins.

Bumping Birds - Scenting and then causing game to fly without establishing point. 

Bye-Dog - A dog drawn as the last dog in a testing level without a bracemate. A bye-dog cannot be run alone, it must run with a bracemate. 

Call Back - An opportunity afforded a dog by the Judges after completion of its initial run. This is done to give a dog an opportunity to demonstrate a testing level requirement, such as retrieving or honoring, but never to find a bird when a dog has gone birdless. 

Cast - The direction and range demonstrated by a dog while seeking game. 

Course - The designated route on which the dogs will perform. 

Course Objectives - Variations in the terrain and/or vegetative cover which could hold game. 

Cover - The vegetation on a course. 

Delayed Chase - Running in the direction of flushed game after either pointing, honoring or stopping to flush instead of obeying the handler's command to cast off in a different direction. 

Fetch - One of a number of commands that can be given to a dog to release it to demonstrate a retrieve. 

Find - Game located when a dog is hunting. 

Gallery - Observers of a hunting test. 

Game - Upland birds. 

Gun-Shy - Afraid of gunfire.

Hacking - Verbal intimidation of a dog. 

Handler - The person handling a dog in a hunting test. 

Heeling Off - The act of verbally causing a dog to walk at a handler's side. 

Honoring - When a dog stops immediately or within a few steps, usually in a pointing stance upon observing a bracemate on point. 

Interference - When a dog willfully hinders or impedes the performance of a bracemate. 

Line Running - Running ina  straight away manner without quartering or seeking objectives. 

Mark - The characteristic of a dog to watch, or mark, the flight and/or fall of a bird. 

Order Up a Dog - The Judges' command to a handler to remover a dog from the course upon completion of judging or interference. 

Pick Up a Dog - When a dog is removed from further judgement. 

Pointing - When a dog indicates the presence and position of game by standing immobile and directing its muzzle toward it. 

Pointing Intensity - Same as above but with exceptional concentration, power or force. 

Pointing Staunchness - Same as above but with exceptional concentration, power or force. 

Quartering - To laterally traverse (back and forth) an area of ground while advancing forward on course. 

Release a Dog - To send a dog on. 

Relocate a Dog - To release a dog from a point or honor and move the dog on, usually to relocate moving game. 

Retrieve - To find and bring back shot game. 

Roading a Bird - The repeated pointing and relocating demonstrated by a dog while following the ground scent trail of a bird. 

Running Order - The order of running braces as established by the drawing. Also refers to an optional listing of the names of all dogs and handlers in all braces in the order in which they were drawn to run.

Running Style - The manner in which a dog traverses a course, including speed and efficiency in movement. 

Scratch a Dog - To withdraw a dog from a hunting test after the drawing but before the running. 

Shotgun Range - The effective range of a shotgun, generally about 20 - 50 yards.

Staunchness - See Pointing Stauchness

Steady to Flush - Maintaining a point until the pointed bird is flushed. 

Steady to Shot - Maintaining a point during the flight of, and the shot(s) for a flushed bird. 

Steady to Wing - Maintaining a point during the flight of a flushed bird. 

Stealing Point - A dog that steals a point makes continued movement into the area where the game is present after observing another dog on point, rather than honoring. 

Stop to Flush - When a dog stops after observing the flush of a bird. 

Style - The intensity and staunchness exhibited by a dog while pointing or honoring. 

Testing Level - The test level in which dogs are judged against Junior Hunter, Senior Hunger and Master Hunter STandards. 

Tracking - To follow using scent.  

Whoa - A command used to cause a dog to stop and stand. 


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