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Hunt Test

Contact Roy Hargreaves 
regarding the spring hunt test held at the Maine Bird Dog Trial Grounds in Fryeburg, Maine. The CMBC welcomes volunteers for bird planting, cooking and setup. AKC hunt test judges are welcome to contact Roy. 


Contact Donna Pride if you would like to become a new member, to renew your membership or if you have other membership questions. 

Pam welcomes new member referrals and is always interested in ideas on how the CMBC can improve member outreach. 


Contact Julie Harris for general club correspondence. Julie is the CMBC"s secretary. She is also the club's treasurer. responsible for receipts and disbursements.

Field Trials

Contact Gary Anderson regarding CMBC's fall and spring field trials in Fryeburg, Maine. Gary welcomes volunteers for bird planting, cooking and setup.  AKC field trial judges are welcome to contact Gary.

Legislative Issues

Gary Anderson is the CMBC's liaison to the AKC's Government Relations Department. Contact Ann regarding local and state legislative proposals impacting dogs. 


Contact Denise Hue for any issues with our website including broken links or typos.  Denise welcomes photographs and videos from CMBC events that we can use on our website. 

Dog Show

Contact Sarah Labonte regarding conformation and CMBC's Specialty Show at the Cumberland Fairgrounds in Maine.

Grounds / Work Days

Contact Gary Anderson if you are able to lend a hand or provide equipment to help maintain the CMBC's field trial grounds in Fryeburg, ME.


The Club has at least one workday a year. The CMBC clears brush on trial courses and continues its efforts to improve habitat for the native grouse population. 

Breeder Referrals 

Contact our club Secretary Julie Harris if you are looking for a puppy and are interested in a breeder referral or if you are a breeder and have puppies available.


Although many CMBC members are breeders, the CMBC does not endorse breeders, does not solicit the sale or purchase of a Brittany and is not responsible for any claims about a puppy or dog. 

The best way to ensure a long and happy relationship with a purebred dog is to purchase from a responsible breeder. A responsible breeder is committed to making a good match between prospective owners and the dogs in their care.

CMBC members who are breeders must adhere to the American Brittany Club Breeders Code of Ethics. 

Read tips on buying a puppy published by the AKC. 

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