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PRESIDENT:     Robert "Sam" Jackson (Lyman, ME)

SECRETARY:     Julie Dowd (Litchfield, ME)

TREASURER:    Julie Dowd (Litchfield, ME) 
1st VP, FIELD TRIALS:        Gary Anderson (Stillwater, ME)

2nd VP, MEMBERSHIP:     Donna Pride (New Portland, ME)
3rd VP, SHOWS:                 Vacant 

Jon Farr  (Ellsworth, ME / 2027)

Michael Archer (Franklin, ME)

Roy Hargreaves (Summer, ME / 2025)

Lorrie Blockler (Sangerville, ME / 2024)
What are the Benefits of Becoming a CMBC Board Director?
  • It provides great networking opportunities. You would be surprised at how many contacts you can gain in the Brittany community such as breeders, handlers, and other Brittany owners. 

  • It proves an opportunity to meet people you would not otherwise come across. 

  • It helps with your overall growth as a Brittany owner in a supportive atmosphere. 

  • You get to play a key role in the way that things are done. 

  • You get to help make decisions that can positively affect Brittany field and show events. 

  • You can learn from experienced Brittany handlers, breeders, and owners to enhance the relationship with your dog. 


Who Can Serve on the CMBC Board? 


  • You must be an active or associate member in good standing with the CMBC. 

  • You must be in good standing with the AKC.

  • Affiliate members have the privilege of holding office in their own regional club and are therefore not eligible to hold office on the CMBC board. 

What is the Term of Service?


  • Officers are elected to one-year terms.

  • Directors at large who are not officers are elected to serve for 4,3-,2-, or 1-year terms.

  • An election is held each year at the annual membership meeting in February. 

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