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Central Maine Brittany Club Specialty Show


The Central Maine Brittany Specialty Show is part of the 4 day Maine Chickadee Classic held each year in June at the Cumberland Fairgrounds. The cluster is hosted by the Penobscot Valley Kennel Club, The Central Maine Kennel Club and the Lewiston-Auburn Kennel Club including all breed competitions each day.  

The Brittany classes at the PVKC show on Saturday are considered the CMBC Specialty Show. In addition to regular classes, there is a Sweepstakes on Saturday.  CMBC members and friends of the club have been very generous with financial donations for rosettes and prizes. 

CMBC Specialty

Saturday, June 22, 2024
Brittany Specialty

Part of Maine’s Chickadee Classic, Thursday, June 20, 2024 to
Sunday, June 23, 2024


Cumberland Fairgrounds
174 Bruce Hill Rd.
(10 minutes north of Portland, ME)
Cumberland, Maine 04021


Maine Chickadee Classic - Thursday to Sunday

AKC Resources
Championship Points


Any dog which shall have won fifteen

points shall become a Champion of Record, if six or more of said points shall have been won at two shows with a rating of three or more championship points each and under two different judges, and some one or more of the balance of said points shall have been won under some other judge or judges than the two judges referred to above. A dog becomes a champion when it is
so officially recorded by The American Kennel Club and when registered in the Stud Book shall be entitled to a
championship certificate. AKC will mail the official certificate of championship title to the owner.


Read more from the AKC on "How to Count Points at AKC Dog Shows".


Grand Champions must earn 25 points at the Best of Breed level. There are five levels of Grand Champion status. Read more from the AKC on "Counting Grand Champion Points". 

Who Receives Points


Points are awarded for the Winners Dog and Winners Bitch classes (purple ribbon). To compute points, count dogs competing in the regular classes of your dog's sex and then compare that number to the point schedule in the show catalog. You only count dogs that have been defeated and you exclude a dog that moved up to Best of Breed as that dog is considered a champion and not a class dog. Include your dog or bitch in the count.

If your class dog moves up to the Best of Breed level, points are also awarded for Best of Breed (Purple and Gold Ribbon), Best of Opposite Sex (Red and White Ribbon) and Best of Winners (Blue and White Ribbon). 

Grand Championship points are awarded to Best of Breed, Best of Opposite Sex, Select Dog and Select Bitch (Select Dogs Receive Light Blue and White Ribbons). Review resources on the AKC website for a complete overview.

Showing Your Brittany
If conformation is new to you, here are some tips to get you started:
  • Attend shows as a spectator - observe the dogs, handlers, judges and stewards. 
  • Study the show premiums and the more comprehensive show catalogs that are available for purchase at the shows. 
  • Take advantage of free online resources - this website is a good place to begin!
  • Join a club - The Central Maine Brittany Club has many handlers experienced in conformation willing to share information 
  • Find a mentor - You might find a mentor in a regional Brittany club such as the CMBC, a local kennel club or submit a mentee application with the AKC to participate in their New Exhibitor Mentor Program
  • Know the Brittany breed inside and out - familiarize yourself with the AKC Breed Standard.
  • Attend handling classes with your Brittany - check with your local kennel club. 
  • Be patient -  success takes time, experience and practice.
The most important thing of all?
Have fun!
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