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Brownfield, ME
May 27-28, 2017


The Central Maine Brittany Club held their spring trial    on the weekend of May 27 and 28,  2017. The  trial was held at the Maine Bird Dog Club grounds in Fryeburg, ME. The non-regulation walking hunting dog stake was held both days.  ​

The day before the trial there were heavy rains, but the sandy soils in Fryeburg absorbed the water so that the trial had great conditions all weekend. There were many opportunities for dogs to get to water to keep cool during the running.

The trial grounds were worked on several times during the fall and spring.  John Short and Bob Paucek worked diligently with their tractors and bush hogs to make sure courses were clear during a work day last fall . Club members cleared trails that day on the juvenile course. A similar work day was held just before the trial to get the gundog course ready for the spring trial.  Several  people  pitched  in  to  help  out where needed.  

A total of 25 different handlers put dogs on the line over the two days. Most braces had bird work as they went over the courses. With running two courses simultaneously all day, there were people moving in many directions both days. At this trial we enjoyed much larger juvenile stakes than we have had in recent trials and it looks like lots of young dogs coming up for trials in the future.

Many thanks for our excellent bird planters Sam Jackson, Mo Pollard, Roy Hargreaves, Paige Davis and Jeff Leggio. Birds were plentiful, well feathered and flew strongly. As usual, Donna Pride  kept  the  central operations running smoothly, making sure that paperwork was in order and dogs were on the line on time.


Special thanks go to those who sat in judicial saddles, Frank Pride, Michele Sala, Martin Garrell, Jeff Currier and Les Casselberry. Jeff Leggio and Sam Jackson handled the judging of walking hunting dog stakes both days.


Meals on Saturday were prepared by a local food caterer with a catering truck which was arranged by John Short. Frank, the chef, had a variety of hot and cold  foods available all day from 7 AM until the completion of the Saturday evening meal held in conjunction with the  presentation of placements.  


Julie Harris cooked breakfast on Sunday and club members coordinated a sandwich bar offering for lunch. Club member David Herrington designed and created two unique bells with stone ringers that were raffled off during the trial. 


Many thanks to our sponsor Purina and to everyone who volunteered to make the spring trial a success!

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